Stump Grinding and Tree Removal


Contrary to what is commonly thought, the stump is not pulled out of the ground, which prevents any damage to the ground surrounding the stump. The most efficient way of stump removal, tree removal, and stump grinding, with little or no impact on your surrounding landscape, is by using a stump grinder to grind down the stump.


Common questions about the stump removal process:

  • Q: What is a stump grinder?
  • A: A stump grinder is a machine which has a cutter wheel with semi-sharp teeth on it. The cutter wheel spins slowly, compared to a circular saw, but effective enough to grind a stump. The cutter wheel is passed side to side and down slightly to take away material until the stump is gone .
  • Q: How deep will the grinder go?
  • A: It depends on a make and model of the stump grinder, but usually 6″-8″ deep.
  • Q: How do you price a stump to be ground out?
  • A: Most people in the industry bid the longest distance across the stump at ground level. We do the same.
  • Q: Are the shavings good for gardens & flower beds?
  • A: Yes. The wood fibers are organic and the soil mixed in is great for a variety of growing needs.
  • Q: Will there be a huge hole in the ground afterwards?
  • A: No. The hole will be back filled to ground level.
  • Q: What can be done with that area after the stump is gone?
  • A: You can re-seed for grass, put in sod, and if the stump was small enough, re-plant a tree.
  • Q: Can I get a discount on the price of the stump grinding?
  • A: Yes! You could reduce the cost if the shavings didn’t have to be hauled away.

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