Tree Trimming Overview


First you must know how trees deal with wounds made from cutting and trimming. Every tree cut we make will introduce decay to the tree. Good cuts made at the branch collar will allow the tree to compartmentalize the decay.

No more than 25% of the leaf bearing crown should be cut out in one growth season.

There are two types of tree cuts to be made when trimming a tree: Reduction Cut or Thinning Cut.

  • A reduction cut should reduces a limb back to a lateral branch which is no smaller than 1/3 the diameter of the parent branch.
  • A thinning cut takes a single lateral branch back to a parent branch.

(fig. 1) Notice this competitor’s final cut. The stub will not allow the tree to compartmentalize the decay. The red line shows the proper cut to be made. When the cut is made properly, the tree will compartmentalize the decay.

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